Portrait: Rebecca L Cate

I began photographing in 1980 with a display model Vivetar 35mm camera, a fixed 55mm and a fixed 135mm lens with a 2x extender. That camera took the most beautiful pictures (with a little help from me). My storage closet is full of photographs taken with those wonderful pieces of equipment along with pictures taken with 4 excellent Nikon models and several lenses since that first huge $100 purchase in 1980. My husband, Charlie, has developed an interest as well and owns the Nikon D200. We are concentrating on enjoying our art and memories captured digitally with the Nikon D70, D80 and Nikon D200,(much more compact storage). I hope you enjoy them too.

Spring 2008, I retired from my desk job to pursue a more satisfying career. My career is actually a hobby and is intended to produce a feeling of well being rather than a ton of money. It is working quite well. I am busy and loving the creative side of me.

2016 All play and no work. Always photographing something interesting. My husband and I are living in SW Florida in retirement. This year will bring another Japan trip in September and a road trip to Iowa in May/June. A visit from our children and grandchildren throughout the summer and again at Christmas.